Ricardo Maximo
Old Portfolio (2007 - 2011)
SP, Brazil
This movie is part of the LG "Life´s Good Lab" campaign, created by the agencies Y&R Brasil and VMLBrasil. We produced a 7 minutes short movie with more than 100 scenes, 3 main characters and various supporting characters.
I did the movie direction, storyboards and film editing. Eduardo Messias was the Executive Producer and direction assistant. Patricia Campinas was responsible for all the illustrations. Aleksander Saharovsky was the Lead Animator on this project. The soundtrack was developed by Cromo.sônica.

Director, Storyboard Artist and Film Editor: Ricardo Maximo
Executive Producer and Direction Assistant: Eduardo Messias
Concept and Illustrations: Patricia Campinas
Illustration Assistant: Bianca Oddone
Lead Animator: Aleksander Saharovsky
Animators (some scenes): Luiz Gustavo, Diego Coutinho & Diego Sato
Compositors: Ricardo Maximo, Eduardo Messias & Mariane Paoletti
Sound Design Company: Cromo.sônica
Soundtrack: Luis Bergmann
Voice Actors: Adriana Dre, Zé Luiz & Ricardo Maximo
Voice Recording: Traquitana Studio